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What is a Slot?


A slot is a container that can be filled with dynamic content on the page. A slot either waits passively for content (a passive slot) or can call out for it using an action or a targeter. Slots are used in conjunction with renderers to deliver content on the page.

The term ‘slot’ was first used in 1747 to describe a narrow opening into which something else could be fitted. The sense of “hole in a machine into which a coin can be inserted” is attested from 1888. The figurative meaning of “position in a schedule or program” is from 1940; that of “to assign to a particular slot” is attested from 1966 (see slots below).

In addition to their bright lights and jingling jangling, penny slots are extra appealing because they offer high payouts and are low risk. But it’s important to know your game’s maximum cashout limits before you play.

Penny slots can also feature themes and symbols that match their theme, which is one of the ways casinos try to draw players in. For example, you can play a pirate-themed slot and receive a special bonus feature that relates to the storyline.