All About Online Poker

Online poker is simply the game of online poker played over the Internet with the help of a computer or a web enabled browser. Poker was very popular in Europe and the United States before the Internet revolution. With the popularity of online poker, there have emerged several offshore poker sites. It has helped in increasing the number of online poker players world wide.

Poker is played on the Internet using a computer, a Web browser and a microphone and speakers or headphones. Players can select a hand type, whether it is a good or bad hand or draw, full house, two pair or one pair, four cards dealt, and the like from a virtual table. The best player at the table earns the pot based on the highest total hands per hour by the players at that table. If the players at the table all bet, the blinds are increased by one and the players play a new round. If a player wins a single pot, he gains first place for that pot, then second place and so on.

There are many types of online poker tournaments including the “shoot” tournaments in which players earn cash by shooting holes through a series of cards. The “shoot” tournament is played for freeroll (no money), third place and the winner takes all the money. One can earn cash prizes for placing high in high stakes tournament poker tournaments. To participate in high stakes tournaments, a player should have a good hand ranking and be ready to lose a certain amount of money.