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Vegan diet program

Our complex vegan diet program consists of:

  • Losing weight diet
  • Lists of seasonal veggies and fruits and other healthy products easy to find in every grocery store
  • Tips and personal advice about a healthy style of living which will help you lose weight and stay slim.

The total cost of our plant-based diet program is only 59$.

Diet plan for vegan for gains:

  • Basic knowledge of mechanisms of muscle growth and functioning
  • Gain muscle oriented diet
  • List of 100% vegan-friendly supplements

The total cost of our plant-based diet program is only 59$.

Training program for vegans:

Either you aim at losing weight or gain muscles on a vegan diet, you can achieve your goal sooner by incorporating workout in your daily routine.

In our complex offer, you will find an individually adapted vegan training program for no more than 29$!

Looking for vegan weight loss program and plant-based muscle gains?

Th best vegan weight loss program

It is commonly known that when someone describes themselves as vegans people usually expect them to be thin or even meager. But the perspective of non-meat and non-dairy eaters differs from the common one. Sweets and salty snacks might be vegan but still will fill one’s body with fattening ingredients. A vegan diet should be well-composed and balanced to help you lose weight – full of:

a) healthy unsaturated fatty acids derived from flaxseed, grain and plants instead of trans fats,
b) carbohydrates derived from whole grain, vegetables and fresh fruits,
c) proteins derived from chickpeas, black-eyes peas, beans, and lentils.

Our vegan weight loss program is dedicated to everyone who wants to:

• get rid of extra kilos in a safe and tasty way
• stick with their eatings convention – you will find no additional animal products in our meal list and supplements
• improve their eating habits, so they can stay fit and healthy for a long time without harsh self-abnegation.

Diet plan for vegan for gains

Vegan gains are no longer a caprice of unknown fitness experimentation. Many people are interested in building their musculature due to an animal-free diet. It is not only good for the natural environment but also healthy for one’s internal organs. The key issues in gaining muscle as a vegan are:

• providing body caloric surplus. It means eating more caloric then you burn while exercising
• well-composed training program based on strength training
• supplementing to your diet some extra elements which are commonly lacking due to being found only in animal-derived foods: creatine, glutamine, beta-alanine, and BCAAs (a group of three key essential amino acids; leucine, isoleucine, and valine).

Training program for vegans

Anyone who wants to build some muscles should stick to strength training striated with mobility exercises and stretching. As a result, your body will be strong and flexible at the same time! Let’s check out our training program for vegan bodybuilders and fulfill your dream of a neat and muscular body!

For those who need to lose weight, we recommend a training program based on anaerobic exercises, intervals, and cardio workout which will improve endurance and burn lots of calories. In our weight loss program slimming exercises are mixed with strengthening and stretching that will help you shape and firm your body.

Come and check out our vegan diet and training programs!