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The Calories in One Pound

The Calories in One Pound

Kasper Lipiec
Kasper Lipiec

The calories in one pound of excess body weight: 3500. That is more calories than most of us eat in an entire day. But it all comes from the excess calories we eat. Especially the extra fat.

To gain a pound of fat

Our body loves to store fat. Fat is security for the famine that might be coming tomorrow. It is easy to store a pound of fat. The storage procedure is fast and burns only a few calories. Our body stores the fat we eat in the form it enters our body. Scientists can remove a bit of fat from our hips with a hollow needle and tell us what kind of oils or fatty foods we normally eat.

Before you look at the chart, remember that to lose weight, the calorie density of our diet should be around 560 calories per pound, or 35 calories per ounce. See this important information on the calorie content of foods if you aren't sure what calorie density is.

Fat source Calories in a pound Calories in an ounce
Butter 3252 203
Margarine 3252 203
Coconut oil 3910 244
Almond oil 4010 251
Avocado oil 4010 251
Canola oil 4010 251
Corn oil 4010 251
Flaxseed oil 4010 251
Grapeseed oil 4010 251
Hazelnut oil 4010 251
Olive oil 4010 251
Peanut oil 4010 251
Sunflower seed oil 4010 251

The butter and margarine obviously contain some milk solids or other ingredients that give them less calories than oil. Likewise the coconut oil. And did you ever dream that olive oil had a higher calorie density than butter?

Why does a pound of body fat contain different calories than a pound of fat we eat? The body fat is a combination of fat and water. So be thankful you don't have to cut 4010 calories to lose a pound of body fat!

To lose a pound

To lose a pound in a week, we need to take in 3500 fewer calories than we burn. That means a 500-calorie shortage every day (3500 calories divided by 7 days = 500 calories per day). To lose two pounds a week, we would need a 1000-calorie shortage each day.

It is hard work to lose a pound. And the reality is that probably 75% of that pound is fat and 25% is muscle. So be sure to exercise to maintain your muscle as you lose weight. And once the weight comes off, stay on your whole food vegan diet to keep it off.