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Kasper Lipiec

Can you build muscle on a vegan diet?

Many people still believe that only by eating animal proteins you can build muscles and keep them strong. They are worried about being harmed by this choice and often ask: „Will I lose muscles on a vegan diet”? What, in that case, happens to all non-meat eaters, vegetarians, or vegans?
Jessica Poplavska

What can you eat as vegan?

Being vegan is a philosophy of life that seeks to exclude as much as possible any form of exploitation and cruelty towards animals. Respecting them as beings that can feel. This is reflected not only in what we eat but also in the clothes and products we use: making sure
Jessica Poplavska

Choose Your Vegan Egg Substitute

When people become vegans, they start looking for a vegan egg substitute. Common question for example is: are egg beaters vegan? Many commercial egg substitutes, like Egg Beaters, are not vegan. They contain egg whites or other animal products. To select the right egg substitute, think about what you are
Kasper Lipiec

Best protein sources for vegans

Are any vegan protein sources listed on the current food pyramid? Yes. The pyramid includes legumes, nuts, and seeds as protein sources. Many weight loss diets say to eat vegetables, fruit, and lean protein. When they say "lean protein", what they mean is to eat lean animal flesh. Vegans don't
Kasper Lipiec

How Many Calories in Whole Grains?

In the chart below, we compare the calories in whole grains, white rice, and several different kinds of pasta. All of the grains and pastas are cooked the same way: in plain water. Do you want your grains to be as low in calories as possible? Then two things are
Kasper Lipiec

The Calories in One Pound

The calories in one pound of excess body weight: 3500. That is more calories than most of us eat in an entire day. But it all comes from the excess calories we eat. Especially the extra fat. To gain a pound of fatOur body loves to store fat. Fat is
Kasper Lipiec

Is it possible to be addicted to food?

Some people swear they are addicted to food. They say that certain foods have a powerful hold on them, just like alcohol or drugs. Does this sound crazy? Recent scientific studies show that it can, in a way, be true. Drugged by dopamineWhen we eat an especially tasty food, our
Jessica Poplavska

Daiya Cheese

Like many vegans, we love the taste and texture of Daiya cheese. One of the most delicious restaurant meals we've ever had was a pizza covered with this stuff. But sadly, foods that taste good are not always good for us. Let's take a cold hard look at the nutrition
Jessica Poplavska

Soy Cheese Brands - which to choose?

Why do people buy soy cheese? Some want a food that will help them lose weight or reduce their cholesterol levels. Some people have allergies to dairy products. And of course, vegans don't want to use any animal products for many reasons. Let's look closely at the labels on a